We are focused in maintaining our established destinations: Romania↔Greece↔Bulgaria.

Effective solutions

It is important to us to find and offer you the most effective solution so you can save time and money.


We guarantee and take full responsibility for the quality of our services


In our main destinations we are choosing very carefully and working with transportation companies with excellent reputation. We are very well aware that transporting each load starts with our clients’ specific needs. In nowadays shared Economy this needs are focused on the most effective solutions.

  • Partnership with well-established transportation companies
  • Elaboration of clients’ specific needs
  • CMR cargo insurance
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Full truckload shipping ( FTL )

Full truckload shipping or transportation is a main part of the activity of UBG. Full truckload is available in cases where a whole truck is allocated to a single client. We know what responsibility full truckload transportation represents.

Shipping of bulk cargoes

UBG is engaged in domestic and foreign transport of bulk cargoes. Usually, bulk cargoes are shipped by gondolas.

International less than truckload shipping ( LTL )

UBG provides much more than transport services; we provide our clients with logistic solutions, we meet all your specific needs for transport under different conditions. Our company offers its clients the option for grouping several cargoes for one destination.

Refrigerated transportation services ( FRIGO )

We have built a wide network for efficient deliveries of refrigerated and frozen products in the territory of Romania and Greece. Developed and implemented reliable procedures of the processes in international transport, which provides for the secure and quality performance of the agreed and assumed commitments to the client.


UBG  carries out transport services throughout the territory of our northern neighbor. Work is done under pre-concluded contracts. The compliance of the parameters specified therein is guaranteed.


We notice a marked seasonalness which clearly impacts the price formation of prices for transport during the different periods of the year.

Typical loads

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Food processing industry

In these deliveries we use the following types of cargo vehicles – flatbed /canvas/, high-volume, wagons and refrigerated. Due to the specifics of these goods, we carry out the transports within short terms. After finishing the delivery, we provide our clients with the thermal strip of the refrigerated truck, which is a proof of complying with the temperature regime according to the requirements of the client.

Construction industry

In the construction industry, the cargoes are bulky and palletized. For their shipping, use is made of gondolas and standard flatbed trucks. According to the kind of feedstock and materials, use is also made of platform trucks with a crane unit for facilitating the loading and unloading process.

Common goods

For our common relations /Romania and Greece/, the deliveries are accomplished within 24 hours after a prior requisition from the client 2 days. We offer an efficient transport solution for your cargoes, regardless of whether the shipment is 100 kg or 24 tons. Constant tracking of your cargo, from the time of its loading until its arrival at the unloading address.