Destinations and Services


Our northern neighbor Romania is a preferred destination for trade and economic relations with us. The exchange of merchandise for the first six months of 2016 shows a growth of 4% ( 1824,643 million euro ). In export Bulgaria – Romania: growth 12,6% ( 990,010 million euro ) and import Romania – Bulgaria: growth 6,8% ( 834,633 million euro). Romania is a country with a developing market economy and one of the most recent members of the European Union. Due to its geographical location Romania is an important crossroads of international trade. Two bridges over the Danube: Ruse-Gyurgevo and Vidin-Kalafat connect us with Romania. And several ferryboats: Oryahovo-Beket, Nikopol-Turnu Magurele, Svishtov-Zimnich and Silistra-Kalarash. Due to Romania’s geographical location, UBG carries out transport services throughout the territory of our northern neighbor. Work is done under pre-concluded contracts. The compliance of the parameters specified therein is guaranteed. Use is made of pre-determined routes, and in this way a saving is made from the delivery time due to knowing the routes. All conditions for safe transportation of cargoes are complied with.


Greece is a country with a well developed market economy based on agriculture and light industry. Greece is among the biggest producers of olives, tobacco and wine. Although it is not highly industrialized, the country produces light and economical automobiles, electronics, weapons, ships and construction materials. The Greek economy is the most developed one on the Balkans. We notice a marked seasonalness which clearly impacts the price formation of prices for transport during the different periods of the year. Greece has a modern road transport network. Due to its geographical location, the country is a transport hub between Europe and Asia. Important transport corridors from the Near East to Central Europe pass through Greek territory.

According to the country’s strategy for the development of transport communications, a major thoroughfare will be the motorway along Via Egnatsiya (Εγνατία Οδός) (in Bulgaria it is also known as Via Ignatia) – Egnatiya Odos, which is in its final stage of building. The motorway starts from the Igumenitsa port, in the western part of the country, and ends at the eastern border with Turkey in Western Thrace after Aleksandrupolis.

Full truckload shipping (FTL)

Full truckload shipping or transportation is a main part of the activity of UBG. Full truckload is available in cases where a whole truck is allocated to a single client. We know what responsibility full truckload transportation represents. Unlike other industries, transport does not produce a new product; it belongs to the services. All activities around transport are subordinated to certain requirements, such as for instance the fulfillment of contractual obligations related to the transport plan and fast delivery within a shorter time. It is important that all material values and goods provided for shipping be driven to the delivery points within the shortest terms, and intact. This is one of the most important conditions for the development of the industry, the good organization of production and trade.

Shipping of bulk cargoes

Each kind of cargo has its specific peculiarities and characteristics of the organization associated with the process of transportation. UBG is engaged in domestic and foreign transport of bulk cargoes. Usually, bulk cargoes are shipped by gondolas.

Account must be taken of the fact that over the last years, special containers for bulk cargoes which can be shipped not only by trucks started to be used very actively. In addition, the use of containers eliminates the need for preparation of the truck itself for transporting the bulk cargoes, since the container ensures compliance with all normative requirements for shipping this kind of cargoes. It must be noted that when shipping containers it is necessary to provide additional equipment which will provide for the bulk cargo unloading. In the case of conventional transport by dump truck, this is not necessary, since these trucks unload independently.

Observance of the rules for shipping bulk cargoes and consistent organization of the process associated with transportation are leading so that the shipping of each kind of bulk cargo runs smoothly and in strict compliance with the law.

International less than truckload shipping (LTL)

Transport is a very important branch for the development of the business in this country. UBG provides much more than transport services; we provide our clients with logistic solutions, we meet all your specific needs for transport under different conditions.

Our company offers its clients the option for grouping several cargoes for one destination. This option allows our clients to reduce their expenses on transport in the realization of different kinds of goods from and to all points in the territory of Romania. The contemporary trends in the distribution of goods have led to a great increase of groupage shipping or less than truckload shipping. Our groupage operations offer a great choice of services, by means of which we can respond to the needs of our clients. For a non-urgent shipping of a cargo or one that is shipped according to a schedule, we can group your cargo and deliver it at competitive prices. Grouping in no way impacts the service level, which is maintained, while the expenses for the client are reduced to a minimum.

Refrigerated transportation services (FRIGO)

We have built a wide network for efficient deliveries of refrigerated and frozen products in the territory of Romania and Greece. Developed and implemented reliable procedures of the processes in international transport, which provides for the secure and quality performance of the agreed and assumed commitments to the client. We deliver your cargoes under controlled temperature regime to every point of Bulgaria at your chosen time.

Goods that necessitate a special temperature regime and you can use our refrigerated transportation services: fresh fruits and vegetables ; fresh and frozen meats ; everyday products; frozen ready-to-eat foods ; sugar products ; fresh juices and frozen concentrates.