We choose and work with proven transport companies in the destinations that are key for us. Each transport of goods however starts from the need of the clients who in the current shared economy seek the most efficient way of transport for their cargoes.

We particularize all of the client’s requirements, and often, with clients using our services initially, we also offer different variants after the priorities for transporting each cargo have been specified. For some cargoes, the unloading time is of paramount importance, for others – the manner of reinforcement, etc. As a forwarding company we participate in the process both as a third and as a fourth party (3PL, 4PL), which gives us access to a large number of transport means, through which we succeed in meeting the needs of our consignors.

Since we are focused on organizing road transport in countries recognizing the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR), we hold cargo insurance guaranteeing the cargo value in compliance with the requirements of the Convention. Such insurance policy is provided before carrying out each transport and is required from each carrier.