We offer quality and reliable forwarding services for our clients. We have been engaged in this activity since 2014. We can offer you long-term partnership and cooperation based on correctness and precision on our part.

Our firm is a partner of many companies from the food processing industry sphere. In these deliveries, we use specialized refrigerated vehicles. Due to the specifics of these goods, we organize the transport within short terms, in the conditions of controlled constant temperature regime.

UBG works actively with many companies from the construction industry. Saving them time and money by offering the most expedient transport depending on the client’s needs. The solutions that our colleagues offer are based on details according to the individual parameters of each of the shipments, whether it is 100 kg or 24 tons . So that the end result is a fast and efficient delivery.

A main objective for us is to ensure reliable delivery to all points of Romania and Greece, thereby complying strictly with the regulations, terms and conditions forming the object of mutual agreement with each individual client.

As an alternative and more economical variant, we offer you, our clients, groupage deliveries meeting your various requirements.

Our firm also offers domestic transport of cargoes throughout the territory of the country.